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visits to the

We offer you the possibility of visiting the Farm for free and spending the night there if you have a vehicle enabled as a home.

Safety rules

In order to visit the animals it is mandatory to be accompanied by farm staff, it is forbidden to feed the animals and put your hands inside the enclosures where they are. Please do not shout or shout to avoid scaring the animals. It is mandatory to disinfect shoes and hands at the entrance of the farm.



In order to publicize our project and be able to see the animals, we offer you the possibility of visiting the farm for free, for more information fill out the form.

Overnights and Visits

People who have decided to join this project have the possibility of spending the night with the vehicles enabled as housing in our adjoining farm, privately and privately, for this it is necessary to use the channels enabled to make the reservation.

schedule your visit

To visit the farm you must fill out the form, for reasons of animal welfare it is necessary to do it in an orderly manner and following a reservation protocol

Thank you, we will reply clarifying your doubts.

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